Western Lycian Way

Lycian Way western route starts from Babadag mountain range overlooking Ölüdeniz which is the most picturesque beach of Turkey,it  winds its way above the prominent seven capes region and descends to the south west cost of mediterranan.

The tour  finishes at the ancient city of Patarra where Santa Claus was born.The tour  is a great chance to explore the mountain settlings,isolated beachs as well as world heritage sites.


Explore deserted houses of  the ghost town.

Village Houses:
Stay in alluring villages,taste the most delicious foods from Turkish cuisine

Discover the astonishing history of Lycians at World Heritage Sites

Enjoy the spectacular walks through the most interesting parts of Lycia.



Day 1 Arrival to Dalaman airport.Transfer to Fethiye.

Meet our guide and driver at the airport.We drive to the hotel in Fethiye. (1hr).Depending on the arrival time we have an optional city tour.Stay at the hotel in Fethiye.

Day 2 See the King tombs,Walk to Ölüdeniz via Kayaköy (12km/4-5hrs)

We have a short drive to Amintas king tombs.It was built by Lycians in the 4th century BC but tombs was reoccupied by Greeks and Romans throughout the history.A big number of  rock-cut tombs are situated on the slopes  similar to Petra in Jordan.We walk up to explore the tombs and enjoy the scenery.Then we have another short drive to our start point.We start with a gradual descend towards Kayaköy,an ancient path leads us through the necropolis scattered around the fields.Kayaköy  known as ”Ghost Town” was an old Greek town of Karmylassos.It was deserted completely during the exchange of the populations between Turkey and Greece in 1924.We have local pancake lunch in a family house.We then explore the the deserted houses and continue on to the walk.We follow the goat path above the houses and descend to Ölüdeniz.It is a picturesque route with a glimpse of St Nicholas island and blue lagoon.We have a swim break at the beach in Ölüdeniz.Drive to Fethiye.Stay at the same hotel in Fethiye.

Day 3 Walk from Ovacık to Faralya (15km/6hrs)

Today’s walk starts above sea level on the western slopes of Babadağ undulates towards Kirme and Kozağaç villages.We admire the breathtaking  view overlooking lagoon of Ölüdeniz and dozens of paragliders above us.This is the most photographed part of Lycian Way.The route dips down to Faralya through the charming villages.Depending on the season we might see the villagers making grape molasses on the way.We enjoy the sunset over Butterfly Valley after the walk.Overnight stay at the pension in Faralya.

Day 4 Walk from Faralya to Alınca (14km/6-7hrs)

We start to walk from the pension.We follow the narrow path upwards under the pine trees passing through wheat fields above Kabak village.It ascend to Alınca on a pine needle blanket path.The winding path is filled with cyclamen in Autumn and offers glimpses through the trees of Kabak beach.Alınca is a very small mountain villlage situated like an eagle nest overlooking seven capes and glittering turquoise water of Eagean sea.Overnight stay at village house in Alınca.

Day 5 Walk from Alınca to Gey via Sancaklı beach.(16km/6hrs)

Today’s route winds its way above the sheer rock cliff and  reaches to Sancaklı.Wild blue iris  and mediterranean strawberries are scattered along the route.We have a short break at the Ottoman cistern which is currently used by the shepherds.We then follow a zig-zaging mule trail  to the beach.The ruins of the ancient harbour and church can still be seen around the beach.We have a picnic and a swim break here.Then climb from the same way to Sancaklı and continue on to Gey village.Overnight stay at the village house in Gey.

Day 6 Walk from Gey to Gavuraglı via Bel village,Visit Xantos (18km/6-7hrs)

We start to walk from the agricultural fields of Gey.We follow a goat path through olive orchards along the view of the azure blue sea.Then we climb gently to Bel.We might be invited by a family for a cup tea on the way.We ascend to the pass on a delightful dirt road and dip down to Gavurağılı partly on an ancient roman military road.The wide views of the sea and Patara beach from a distance are rather distracting.We meet our bus and drive to Xantos.It was the first capital of Lycians and one of the leading cities of Lycian league.Lycians were one of the earliest civilizations of mediterranean who were fond of their independence.Thus they founded the first democratic union in the history called ”Lycian League”.Ancient writers such as Homer and Heredotus tell the stories of brave Lycian warriors.Xantians commited massive suicides in the history during Persian period in 545 BC and against Roman general Burutus in 42 BC.They set a fire to everything and throw themselves into.Today some remarkable remains of that glorious civilisation are situated on the east bank of Eşen river.Xantos was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1988.We visit the site and drive to Patara.Stay at the pension in Patara.

Day 7 Walk from Roman aquaduct,Delikkemer to Patara.(7km/3hrs)

We have a short transfer to Delikkemer.We start our short walk from the aquaduct of Patara.2000 Years old sealed, siphonic pipe made of stone blocks is an engineering miracle built by Romans in Lycian style.Each of these blocks weighs 800 kg and a prove of their advanced civilisation.We mostly follow goat path and forest roads along the aquaduct and descend to village of Patara.The smell of styrax  and the wild flowers such as campanula,geum and cistus make the walk pleasant in spring.We have lunch in a family restaurant in the town then visit the site.Patara was the port city of Xantos.Lycian league meetings were held in the council chamber and archives were kept in the temple of Apollo in Patara.The city flourished in roman imperial period during Vespasian and Hadrian’s reign.Granary,baths and aquaduct dates back to this period.St Nicholas was born in Patara and worked as a bishop in the church of Myra.As he was the patron saint of sailors,his reputation was spread out to other parts of the worldby them.Throughout the history the model of St Nicholas has evolved to modern father christmas .We visit the site and walk to the beach of Patara.It is one of the longest sandy beaches of the country.The beach is also a nesting spot for Caratta Caratta sea turtles.We finish the day at the beach.Have a chance to dip into the glittering water of mediterranean.Drive back to pension.Stay at the same pension in Patara.

Day 8 Tranfer to Dalaman airport.

Tour ends.We drive to Dalaman airport.(2hrs)


  • Difficulty Level


    Fitness-Good level of fitness is required.

  • Length

    5-7 hours day walks,Max. altitude is 900 meters(2950 feet).

  • Equipment

    Trekking boots,30-40 liters rucksack,sun cream,sunhat,raingear,walking sticks are recommended.

  • Meals

    Picnic lunch to be prepared and shared before the walk.


2 Pax 3-5 Pax 6 + Pax
contact us 780 € 570 €

All meals,all transfers,air conditioned bus,English speaker licensed tour guide,passenger insurance,enterance fees at the sites written in the itinerary.

Drinks,gratitudes for tour staff,personal expenses.

Tour staff
Tour guide and driver.

Four seasons.Best in May and October.