Your personal and emergency contact details

    Please hand this Manifest Form to your Tour Leader at the start of the Tour.
    Please amend any details which are out of date, or incorrect at the time of travel, and fill in any blanks.
    One copy required per person, thank you.
    Your Personal Details

    Emergency Contact Details

    It is imperative that your Tour Leader holds details of someone that
    can be contacted in emergency whilst you are on Tour with us.Please
    ensure this person can be easily contacted for the duration of the Tour.
    Name of Emergency Contact and their Relationship to you:

    What made you choose this Tour?
    What aspect(s) of the Tour and the country or countries involved are of particular interest to you?.
    This will allow your Tour Leader to bear in mind your interests on the Tour

    Any medical conditions or allergies?
    Please give details of any medical conditions or allergies. If you do not suffer from any conditions, please write
    "none" in the space below.

    Are you medically qualified?
    From time to time incidents can occur where customers may benefit from the medical qualifications of another
    member of the Tour Group. If you are medically or first aid qualified and wish to let your Tour Leader know, please
    indicate your qualification below, (Please also indicate if you want this kept confidential)

    Travel Insurance.
    It is a condition of booking that everyone has appropriate travel insurance to cover the entire trip. Your insurance
    policy must fully cover you for medical expenses and emergency repatriation to your home country. Please ensure
    your policy includes medical emergency helicopter repatriation in the event of illness or injury. If you are trekking at
    altitude please ensure that there is no upper altitude limit which may limit or exclude cover for your trip. Once you
    have satisfied yourself that the cover you have in place is adequate, please complete the following insurance

    Name of Insurance Company

    Policy Number / Reference

    7/24 Emergency Assistance Phone Number

    Include International Dialling Code

    Policy Expiry Date

    Please sign to confirm I/we have read and understand the terms of our own travel insurance policy, I/we are satisfied that adequate travel insurance cover is in place to cover the entire duration of my/our trip with Tailor Made Turkey operated by CICERONE TRAVEL